No family is dysfunctional. They function according to their strengths. Families who feel broken or disconnected from each other need a vision towards wholeness and purpose.

Families can be defined by the relationships that hold everyone together and the strong emotional reactions and attachments between everyone involved. Every family has a unique dynamic, but oftentimes families see their dynamic as disruptive instead of cohesive.

The obstacles that families face are far-reaching, whether they consist mostly of personal conflicts or are related to issues of diversity, illness, disability, etc.

I am dedicated to helping families empower themselves, believe in the strength of the group and believe that the energy each member brings to the family is a positive and powerful connection. I work with my clients in understanding the challenges of being part of a family, creating effective coping skills and ultimately reaching the family life they envision. I have vast experience in helping families lead a fearless, diverse lifestyle.

Psychotherapy is a way for families to make positive life changes and focus on solutions.

About Jean Wolfe Powers, LMFT