Do you feel constant exhaustion? Do you find yourself with an increasingly short temper? Do you find yourself feeling a lack of joy in the things that would have otherwise been completely normal or even enjoyable for you? Depression can be experienced differently for everyone, but the outcome is always harmful. Depression can put serious strain on your relationships, career, and ultimately your quality of life. It requires intervention.

The symptoms of depression are often linked with a difficult mental pattern that can seem overwhelming to combat. Often times the cause of depression may seem obvious; for example, you may think it’s your job, or a troubled relationship that’s bringing you down. But a closer look at your symptoms and stresses can often uncover a deeper source for the depression you feel.

Through psychotherapy, I will help you battle the symptoms and the source of grief and depression. I will help you in tackling the issues you feel most overwhelmed by and restore the aspects of your life that have been shaken. Don’t let depression continue to take over your life.

About Jean Wolfe Powers, LMFT