A Word on Caregivers

The word “caregiver” doesn’t explain how incredibly important, invaluable, and essential you are to the life of someone you love. Whether it is a friend, a spouse, a sibling, a child, or any family member, your experience may seem to be only deep pain. It may seem like your only option is to just exist. Caregivers forget their own lives, and become so involved in treatment and emotional support for their significant other that loss of oneself is likely and truly feels loving and correct.

If you are one of the lucky ones, and  have truly been blessed by a love worth grieving– as hard as it may be– as counter intuitive as it may feel, celebrate your own life.

Do this in remembrance.
Do this in honor.
Do this in appreciation.
Do this because you truly know that each breath you take is a gift.

The gift of love is life affirming.  It is to be treasured, and was given from the essence of a beloved’s breath.

So on this Valentine’s Day, pass that “love gift” on to yourself.  Honor the treasure of love in your DNA.

In this day, feel the energy of love that encompasses you.

About Jean Wolfe Powers, LMFT