Soul Survivor

When you want to go for a ride with her-

When you want to see a movie with her-

Or ask her opinion-
Or see her loving smile-
Or hear her reassurance-

You have to remember to close your eyes, and feel her energy to have those things.  It is up to you to carry her touch.

Her’s seems to have blown out.
But not entirely…

You feel her everywhere,
In everything,
And then you don’t.

It’s not being lonely.  It’s being without her wisdom, strength, and ability to love.

How do you speak about that kind of energy?  How do you lean into a void so large, that you don’t see the other end?

You live one breath at a time.  The most beautifully meaningful, yet devastatingly painful;  are the breaths you take when you embrace the energy she left behind.

So for now, you must learn to trust this foreign energy of unbelievable knowledge, faith, courage and resilience she inspired in you–until you can perceive this energy as your own.

Learning to fully live in the moment without hesitation, is a gift from the universe.  Learning this new way of living is survival, and one of the definitions of “the new normal.”

Not acknowledging, and flowing with the process of creating your new normal causes immeasurable suffering of the soul, and life force.

Hang on.

Feel the energy that naturally surrounds you.  Do what you can, then let yourself rest.

About Jean Wolfe Powers, LMFT