Loving Remembrance at Easter

This year,  I understand the meaning of Easter as a loving sacrifice to a degree that I haven’t before.

On sacrifice:

Devoting four years of your life,

loving your spouse indescribably intensely,

as you walk with them to the end of their days.

Realizing the honor you have been given:

You have been allowed to experience pure love

as they reach to you

for comfort

and peace,

as they die.

To know that the two of you have walked through each other-

keeping the pieces of you in the other.

When your loved one leaves this world,

a part of you dies with them,

and a part of them lives with you.

Perception of your life changes.

You feel an incredible aliveness

and emptiness at the same time.

How does one speak of such a feeling- other than to say:

Happy Easter, My Love.

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