Venus, If You Will…


Today I took a class which talked a lot about astrology focusing on the energy of Venus.  Venus’ law is creative imagination, I was told.  This encompasses pretty much everything for me.  Creative imagination is an extraordinary way to stay hopeful.

How do you use your creative imagination?  I see creative beauty in the world by music, art, nature, literature, and the full moon that is about to be in the sky. For me, it is life affirming.

Another attribute of Venus is purity.  This I find incredibly helpful in healing anything. For example, a thriving relationship requires purity.  The relationship I’m speaking of is not necessarily limited to one with a person, but also with yourself.  Common sense says if your words are kind, (pure), you feel kinder. Your attitude and energy softens, and allows you to be in a more accepting place in your life. I know when one is struggling for meaning, we tend to look toward anything that seems to soothe our anxiety.

Today for me, it was the idea of creative imagination, purity and Venus.

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