Memorial Day Medicine

Memorial Day is a day to pause, give thanks, and appreciate.

          Appreciate history.

          Appreciate the freedom we are afforded.

          Appreciate the people in your life with whom your love and attention keep alive.

          Appreciate the people who have given their lives for and to us.

          Appreciate life.

In an interview with a Viet Nam vet who was also a P.O.W. for seven years, he explained gratitude.  With tearful appreciation and love, he spoke of the men who were also tortuously captured, saying, “I would not be alive today had it not been for them.”  These men literally saved each other’s lives.  They carried each other when they could no longer move.  They fed and watched each other meticulously.

I was deeply moved by the care they gave each other while waiting for the day the torture ended.

This reminded me yet again that caregivers;  the ones who love and literally keep their loved ones alive, are to be celebrated everyday possible:

          On Memorial Day…

          On their Birthday…

          On Ground Hog Day…

Why?  Because it is the love we give to those we cherish that heals.  Never, never doubt that this type of medicine is the most important.

Photo by Dale Gallon

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