Grief and Trauma

If you have just lost someone you love and are in the throws of grief, the kind of sadness that makes breathing difficult and life feel hopeless, grief counseling will help you get your breath back. When you lose a spouse,  child, or any close loved one, your body goes into a traumatized state. Coping may seem impossible. Getting out of bed may seem impossible. Let me help you begin to process this enormous sense of abyss.

Trauma is all-encompassing and takes many forms. There might be painful emotions from the past that are keeping you from living a full life. Whether it begins in childhood or is a sudden shock to your system, it’s important to not let your body begin to feel disconnected and imbalanced. In psychotherapy we can look at the source of the trauma, stop the all-encompassing thoughts it provokes and assimilate your feeling states to a healthy place.

No one can recover from grief and trauma by themselves. Let me walk through it with you.

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