Healing Your Heart On Valentine’s Day

Love is such a vital force that we suffer when we don’t feel that we have it. When we have suffered a loss of someone we love deeply, our hearts yell to the heavens, but reality is, love never dies. It may be gone from sight, but with each breath you take, feel the love that you have been given by the person you are mourning. Breathe that love in and as you breathe, remind yourself out loud that you are loved and are loving.

Particularly, on a day that is meant to celebrate love, you would not be who you are today if you had not known and been loved by the person who can no longer hold your hand, but will always hold you heart.

When your heart is aching it is hard to trust that you will ever feel better. What you need to understand is that when your nervous system is flooded with grief, kindness becomes essential. Trust that intrinsically we are made to lean towards life. This is why you are in emotional pain. A tragedy has happened that has interfered with a natural desire you have for joy, love, life itself.

Not only has your life changed, but it has a new consciousness in it. So what do we do with this new consciousness?

We live with more volume.

We live with more sound,

We live with with more light.

We live with more vision.

We live with more taste.

We live with more thought.

We live with more focus.

We live with more laughter.

We live with more purpose.

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. And know you are loved, you are changed by love, you are propelled by grief to understand life in a different context. Know that to the degree that your heart aches is an indication of how much your heart loved. Try to feel the blessing of that love. You are not the same. You are more conscious of life/pain and joy/love. Shower yourself with the love of the person who now lives in your heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day.



About Jean Wolfe Powers, LMFT