Peace Beyond Understanding

For some, this was a day to appreciate.

For others, not so much.

The electricity in the atmosphere after the presidential election created the type of dread that causes riots. Talk about range of emotion! You were either satisfied with the results or mortified. This post is for those who are in such a shocked state that helplessness would feel like a relief.

Please remember:

Shock is overwhelming.

Please remember:

Fear is paralyzing.

Please remember:

The brain chemistry causing fight/flight feels like you can’t breath or you have to scream and run.

Please remember:

When the dust settles, you still have a voice.

Please remember:

Every single life has light.

Please remember:

That combined, our life creates a large energetic shine.

Please remember to shine.

Shine with your need for justice and kindness in the world.

Shine with the hope for peace.

Because with every light creates opportunity for peace beyond understanding. However, we have to shine internally so that the light flows through you, out your eyes, and into your neighbor’s eyes.

Let’s not get traumatized by shock, let’s shine.

About Jean Wolfe Powers, LMFT