The First Step Towards a Happy New Year

“Happy New Year” can be a catch phrase that becomes a commitment to your health and well-being for you life. Welcome to a new year: how do I want to create and evolve during 2017? The phrase becomes healthy, full of hope and re-visioning. Usher in the new year with the knowledge that relief is here. Not coming, but here.

New Year resolutions are helpful when your resolve is to create a life that you actually want to live. To do this, start with removing barriers. Instead of focusing on all the why nots and why I can’ts, focus on what do I want? How do I want to feel? You cannot manifest what you are craving or desiring on top of beliefs that stop you.

Starting with beliefs like: I have no idea how much better I can feel, already creates a foundation of hope.

Core beliefs are the first, most crucial step towards a life of wellness. In reality, we live under a limited belief system we hold towards ourselves and our external world. Think about your absolute belief system and change thoughts like: I am always poor to I have the capacity to create all the resources I need to live on.

The reality is we all have much more capacity to learn than we think. We only stop our capacity to grow when we tell ourselves we can’t grow in a certain direction. For example: I can’t learn how to work this computer program needs to be I am interested in learning this computer program, so how will I understand it in a way that will work for me. Not everyone learns the same way. When we understand that there are many ways to reach the experience we want to have, and that there is no correct way to learn or to feel, life gets easier immediately. Saying to yourself, I am going to break this program down to bite-size pieces so that I learn this in the way I can remember it. No time limit–just desire to learn it, takes all the pressure off of learning and focuses you on expanding knowledge. It seriously is that basic.

Many people come from a belief system that tells them life is too hard and there is too much suffering in it, instead of life is full of opportunity and worthwhile experience, both positive and negative. So how do I enjoy my life, comfort myself through the difficult or painful experiences and make life choices that help me thrive?

This way of thinking or changing your belief, is a great way to start the new year.

My resolution is to understand my core, bottom line beliefs about myself and expand the way I approach my life. This resolution will last past the first week of January. This self promise will become the first step to living a life that you want to live.

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About Jean Wolfe Powers, LMFT