Compassion, empathy, caring, humanity – these are the values of D.O.H.

In our work together, I serve as your guide and partner in search of wellness in all aspects of life. I know the unimaginable pain of grief and trauma, and I am here to help you mend. Calming the central nervous system through a tailored approach with me will allow relief from daily stressors and restore your feeling of balance, health, joy, and wholeness. I look forward to working with you.

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Let’s give thanks for the life we’ve known, Let’s give thanks for the love we’ve received, Let’s give thanks for the memories we hold, Let’s give thanks for the knowledge we’ve learned, Let’s give thanks for the kindness we’ve been touched by, Let’s give thanks for the fact that our lives will always be altered […]

For some, this was a day to appreciate. For others, not so much. The electricity in the atmosphere after the presidential election created the type of dread that causes riots. Talk about range of emotion! You were either satisfied with the results or mortified. This post is for those who are in such a shocked […]

While you’re walking through the valley Look up, look up, look up. If you must look down, pay attention to the flowers, rocks and crazy cute bugs. The key is to notice life is all around calling you back.

When you get those feelings of there is no reason to… or I am too tired to… or How many times am I going to sell myself out and do… Try to remember that the process of re-visioning after loss or trauma is not walking around the mountain once and then feeling better. People who […]

Finding a new home without the person who makes home feel like home, is like making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the bread. It is very sticky, and has no structure to hold it together. No boundaries separate the mess, or keep the sweet, syrupy, sticky insides from the solid strength of the crust. […]

The gravity of your show is too intense to experience alone. The dialogue begins to loop in your head and the drama can feel distorted. You at least need a director, and no show can run its course without an audience. Every show that runs needs witnesses to receive a message. Audiences help you feel […]

For the caregiver who’s patient is themselves. When you are facing an illness that would over power an elephant, the first thing one does is lean into their spouse and family. If you are misfortunate enough to be alone — I don’t mean unloved… I mean ALONE in the sense of having no one available […]