Compassion, empathy, caring, humanity – these are the values of D.O.H.

In our work together, I serve as your guide and partner in search of wellness in all aspects of life. I know the unimaginable pain of grief and trauma, and I am here to help you mend. Calming the central nervous system through a tailored approach with me will allow relief from daily stressors and restore your feeling of balance, health, joy, and wholeness. I look forward to working with you.

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When you get those feelings of there is no reason to… or I am too tired to… or How many times am I going to sell myself out and do… Try to remember that the process of re-visioning after loss or trauma is not walking around the mountain once and then feeling better. People who […]

Finding a new home without the person who makes home feel like home, is like making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the bread. It is very sticky, and has no structure to hold it together. No boundaries separate the mess, or keep the sweet, syrupy, sticky insides from the solid strength of the crust. […]

The gravity of your show is too intense to experience alone. The dialogue begins to loop in your head and the drama can feel distorted. You at least need a director, and no show can run its course without an audience. Every show that runs needs witnesses to receive a message. Audiences help you feel […]

For the caregiver who’s patient is themselves. When you are facing an illness that would over power an elephant, the first thing one does is lean into their spouse and family. If you are misfortunate enough to be alone — I don’t mean unloved… I mean ALONE in the sense of having no one available […]

There is one time you are truly given life; that is at birth. After that, if we are lucky or blessed with amazing caregivers we learn we are lovable and taught how to love ourselves.  We are supposed to learn from this message how to make great choices that carry us through life. What if […]

Friends help friends grieve. “I am sorry for your loss” has great meaning when you want to comfort but don’t want to get to involved. It is a lovely sentiment. But when your dearest friend, or cousin, or sister has a loss that requires you to be present for them, it may rock you to your […]

When the person who shares your life dies, and your soul is screaming for comfort, no one can anticipate how intense that feeling will be. There is no way to fully prepare emotionally for this kind of loss. It doesn’t matter how much time you have in advance to “prepare;” nothing informs or readies your […]

When you are sad or lost, when all you can see is fog, what you must understand is that fog lifts. Our nervous systems are very intricate and dimensional. We are not made to live one way, we are made to live in a balanced, dimensional way. What do I mean? Lift your hand and […]

Love is such a vital force that we suffer when we don’t feel that we have it. When we have suffered a loss of someone we love deeply, our hearts yell to the heavens, but reality is, love never dies. It may be gone from sight, but with each breath you take, feel the love […]

Why do we have to wait until we are so uncomfortable that our skin is crawling before we even think about our bucket lists? The older we are, the faster our years seem to pass. Children never say, I wish I could relive first grade when they are in sixth grade. They are busy navigating […]