Compassion, empathy, caring, humanity – these are the values of D.O.H.

In our work together, I serve as your guide and partner in search of wellness in all aspects of life. I know the unimaginable pain of grief and trauma, and I am here to help you mend. Calming the central nervous system through a tailored approach with me will allow relief from daily stressors and restore your feeling of balance, health, joy, and wholeness. I look forward to working with you.

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Have you ever felt such intense emotion that you could feel your blood vessels pounding in your ears, or your chest tighten from the inside out? How about literally feeling your heart beat so fast that you didn’t know what it was doing? When you finally take deep breaths and start to un-tighten, every muscle […]

Note: This post was originally published in 2014 It’s Thanksgiving; my second Thanksgiving without the love of my life. I’m still breathing, but one shallow breath at a time. The second year of holidays seems to be much harder. The first year, I made sure to have plans. I don’t think I had a moment alone […]

As I listen and feel my heart beating, I remember what it felt like to beat in tandem with my spouse. It was an amazing physical, emotional and spiritual experience that I sorely miss. I miss it especially when I am anxiously waiting in a state of fear. When I could wait with my spouse, […]

I was asked recently to describe myself in a word. After sitting in silence for my soul’s definition, words like mother, friend, wife, therapist, and other descriptive words came to mind. However, none of these words seemed to embrace my essence. So after deciding that I was not simply an adjective, I sat breathing into […]

Artwork by Hazel Morgan My dog Patch is a bejillion years old. I got him with my spouse when we lived in Virginia. We picked him out of a litter. He was picked and scratched by his siblings and full of patches — thus, the name. He is seriously around ten years old now, and […]

When you are searching for a feeling that resembles success… When your nervous system is on a high alert 99% of every waking moment… You will do just about anything to self soothe — including over or under eating.  Eating disorders come in all shapes and forms. They exist for as many reasons as there […]

While you are sleeping, your unconscious is screaming messages at you. I know that there are many theories to understanding dreams. Most of them have some merit. Depending on the theory used, you are left with a vastly different understanding. After the death of a loved one, dreams take on a new “life” of their own. […]

How do you start a complicated conversation with your spouse when you both are not ready to have it? Cancer leaves your immune system so vulnerable that emergencies happen when you’re not looking. Here are three ways to approach a conversation worth having: 1. Let’s talk about our spirituality: Let’s talk about what we believe […]

A fresh outlook is required in dealing with the emotional stress of life. Take five minutes to picture a positive outcome toward stress. I suggest you do this before going to bed. This will give you time to really sleep on it. Using the word fresh, such as fresh orange juice, fresh muffins, fresh air, […]

The Fourth of July is a day filled with every emotion in the rainbow. It is the birth of our nation, a national birthday party, celebrated with joyous abandon. Firecrackers, family picnics, children laughing, fireworks accompanied by patriotic music on loudspeakers, and brilliant colors envelop our senses. This day would be unthinkable not to participate. After all, […]