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The journey of letting go of a beloved family member is a profound and sacred experience. By embracing the spiritual path, putting love into action, healing family wounds, and weathering the journey, families can find strength and solace. We honor the lives of our loved ones and our commitment to serving the family while ensuring that the love and energy of the family remain intact.

Meet Jean

Jean has been dedicated to helping others overcome trauma and grief for over 40 years. Her work has helped countless families overcome the grief and trauma of parting with loved ones.

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Every family member is important, including the person that is transitioning and their loved ones.

How is peace created at the end?

5 Steps to Help Families Let Go

Embrace the spiritual path

Understanding the spiritual path of the family and the person passing

Self reflection and forgiveness

Take time to reflect on your relationships and extend forgiveness to your loved ones. Focus on the dynamic in the family so you can heal together.

Put ideas of love into action

Find out what the family’s love languages are. Share stories and kindness.

Healing family wounds

Focus on open communication and support to foster healing.

Honor the family legacy

Cherish the connections and understand the journey of letting go.

A Seasoned International Life Coach & Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Guiding you through the process of saying goodbye to your loved one.

What do you want to say to your loved one from your heart?

What’s the basic structure of the family?

What are the different styles of grief in each family member?

What does your loved one want you to know about their life?

Who do they want to be there at the end of their life?

Is your loved one in pain? How do they want their pain to be handled?

How do they want to be remembered?

Are there any financial issues that need to be addressed to prevent conflict?

How does everyone in the family get to be at peace with the end?

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