Compassion, empathy, caring, humanity – these are our values.

At Dialysis of Healing, we practice these values in all that we do. We are your guide, your partner in search of personal growth. We champion positive and healthy life choices. We promote emotional strength through self-discovery. We know the unimaginable pain of grief and trauma, and we’re here to help you mend. We see life through the prism of love, and help you to reach new levels of hope and joy.

As I was watching a movie on Father’s Day by myself at night, missing everyone I love — my children and grandchildren who live far away, my partner and love of my life who died five years ago, family and friends that are not in reach — I am profoundly steeped in a myriad of […]

The month of February is marked as a month which love is celebrated. Particularly this February, I am in full support of this tradition. Going about researching love or Valentine’s Day I, of course, did what all good researchers do, I googled Saint Valentine. After an exploration of who Saint Valentine was and why we […]

When the person who shares your life dies, and your soul is screaming for comfort, no one can anticipate how intense that feeling will be. There is no way to fully prepare emotionally for this kind of loss. It doesn’t matter how much time you have in advance to “prepare;” nothing informs or readies your […]

When you get those feelings of there is no reason to… or I am too tired to… or How many times am I going to sell myself out and do… Try to remember that the process of re-visioning after loss or trauma is not walking around the mountain once and then feeling better. People who […]

“Happy New Year” can be a catch phrase that becomes a commitment to your health and well-being for you life. Welcome to a new year: how do I want to create and evolve during 2017? The phrase becomes healthy, full of hope and re-visioning. Usher in the new year with the knowledge that relief is […]

Let’s give thanks for the life we’ve known, Let’s give thanks for the love we’ve received, Let’s give thanks for the memories we hold, Let’s give thanks for the knowledge we’ve learned, Let’s give thanks for the kindness we’ve been touched by, Let’s give thanks for the fact that our lives will always be altered […]

For some, this was a day to appreciate. For others, not so much. The electricity in the atmosphere after the presidential election created the type of dread that causes riots. Talk about range of emotion! You were either satisfied with the results or mortified. This post is for those who are in such a shocked […]