It is Jean’s honor to announce the opening of her Concierge Trauma Psychotherapy Practice.

If you reside in the Orange County, California area, Jean will come to your home to provide end of life transitions with empathy and professionalism, embracing every member of the family with hope and love.

Free consultations are offered for your comfort and well-being. Zoom consultations and treatment are also offered for those out of the area.
Jean is a master of life transitions, with extensive experience and education for over 40 years.

When faced with the shattering news of a terminal illness, a flood of emotions and thoughts swirl within the mind. Questions flood in, demanding answers that seem perpetually out of reach. Fear, anger, and sadness intertwine, creating a storm of emotion that threatens to overwhelm.

Thoughts turn to loved ones, to unfinished dreams, and to the preciousness of every passing moment. There’s a determination to embrace the time that remains with courage and dignity, to find peace in the love and support of those who surround you. Please contact Jean at Contact | Jean Wolfe Powers, LMFT – Jean Wolfe Powers.

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