A fresh outlook is required in dealing with the emotional stress of life.

Take five minutes to picture a positive outcome toward stress. I suggest you do this before going to bed. This will give you time to really sleep on it. Using the word fresh, such as fresh orange juice, fresh muffins, fresh air, etc., touches your emotional outlook without effort. “I am going to freshen up,” implies a state of being that brings a new feeling and look. So why not take advantage of this knowledge and wake up each day with a fresh outlook? If you are going through a time of searching for hope and need to refill your tank, this refreshed outlook will help you embrace the opportunity of a new day.

Create a day with more connection and peace. First thing in the morning, look around and really take in your life. Focus on past choice and current opportunities for the day. Think of a different slant.  Choose to focus on passion for life and enjoy the feeling of a new start with the sunrise. Laugh at all the little things — like wheelchairs that somehow bump into walls, and smile at big things with hope. Have a fresh outlook for this day.

Focus on one way to feel productive. Productivity and activity have different meanings. Ask yourself, “What can I do that will produce a different result for this day?” Take a different route to the doctor’s office and enjoy the view. Take a walk around the block, breathe in the fresh air, or watch a funny movie or tv show with your partner and laugh. The goal is to produce a refreshed outlook–be creative.

Feelings follow actions. Choose to take productive actions that bring peace and ease to this day. Think about your life’s hopes, then talk about them out loud.

Renew, renew, renew, your outlook on life today. We need a fresh outlook everyday–don’t get stuck in old memories, it stops us from making new ones.

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