The gravity of your show is too intense to experience alone. The dialogue begins to loop in your head and the drama can feel distorted.

You at least need a director, and no show can run its course without an audience.

Every show that runs needs witnesses to receive a message. Audiences help you feel like even  when are alone, you are seen.

If acting is not your thing, your audience can be your journal — Let the page hold your journey.

Releasing painful thoughts and feelings are a necessity in moving your blocked energy around.

So if your new best friend is your journal: so be it.

We need markers during catastrophes in our lives. Places to look back on to remember we are in motion. Forward or backward motion — markers help keep us sane.

To recap:

  1. Grief should not feel like drowning in an abyss.
  2. Find a director to yell action or cut when you get overwhelmed.
  3. Sharing your story with witnesses is a vital part of healing and staying connected to humanity.
  4.  Mark your pain, leave breadcrumbs so you can see where you have wandered. Watching your path helps you feel alive.