When you are sad or lost, when all you can see is fog, what you must understand is that fog lifts. Our nervous systems are very intricate and dimensional. We are not made to live one way, we are made to live in a balanced, dimensional way.

What do I mean?

Lift your hand and look at your fingers.
Spread them apart widely, so that each finger has a space between them.

Your hand may hurt in the stretching

Now imagine that you are not only the fingers of your hand, although as you stretch your hand from side to side, you feel the muscles and blood flowing. The heaviness in each finger, to remind you that your hand has life in it.

Look between your fingers and image that in each space there is also a purpose. You may not see it, however it exists. As you experience the space, in the things you cannot see, you experience a feeling that each finger exists.

You can see them individually, you can notice the size, the difference, how each knuckle feels, the weight of each finger in contrast to the weight of the whole hand. So the purpose of the space becomes relevant. It allows us the view of each finger, examining, appreciating, feeling the stretch. The space is there so that we can understand dimension and clarity as we look.

Know that we need all dimensions to experience a balanced nervous system. If there is no empty space in our soul/the deepest part of our being, we can not feel how dimensional we are. If you stare at the space, emotionally or literally, don’t focus on the lack of feeling, focus on what the space provides for you to see.

When we understand we are dimensional beings – life is not black or white.

You do not, or cannot, live a fulfilling life, only experiencing one finger. You have five, plus space to examine. Spend your life examining your space, while appreciating the sight and feeling of all five fingers. Life will have an energy that expands as you simply allow, not resist the space, but know that the space holds its own meaning.

Space allows for examination. When we understand unknown space is necessary, it is then that the fog begins to lift.


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