Do you live using your wishbone or your backbone?

Don’t get me wrong…wishes are essential.  We need them to live in this world.  However, if you find yourself wishing most of the day away, and realize that nothing has gotten done, you are more likely to have feelings of worthlessness and ironically, hopelessness.
The difference between a wishbone and a backbone is the action or lack of action that you take in your life.  Makes sense, right?  Then why is it so hard to take action when you feel so stuck? Why do we settle for wishing and hoping when it increases our feelings of helplessness? Where does all that wishful energy go? We know where it doesn’t go…your backbone.

In order to live in that sweet spot where our wishbone and backbone are working together, you need to first, get out of bed while you’re still hopeful–even if someone needs to yank you out.  Focus on the energy of the wish and take any action, i.e. washing your face.  The more actions we allow ourselves in a day, the stronger our backbone feels.

It is really amazing when you understand that a bunch of little actions strengthen you.

It is necessary for you to feel empowered by your actions, small as they may be, for you to feel your backbone.

Living in your backbone is a great goal.  It means you have taken the first step toward walking in the direction of your wishes.  You are not a vast, bottomless wishing well. Or if you are, let’s pick up the pennies and invest in yourself.

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